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ALTA / ACSM (American Land Title Association / American Congress of Surveying & Mapping)

ALTA / ACSM Survey

American Land Title Association / American Congress of Surveying & Mapping

ALTA / ACSM Surveys
ALTA / ACSM Surveys

An ALTA/ACSM Survey is a very in-depth and complex Land Survey.
Not all Land Surveys are required to be conducted as ALTA Surveys, on the contrary most Land Surveys are not conducted in accordance with ALTA/ACSM guidelines.  Below please find the most common Questions and Answers surrounding ALTA/ACSM Surveys;
ALTA Surveys

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What is an ALTA / ACSM Survey?

An ALTA / ACSM Survey is a Land Survey that is prepared and conducted by a Licensed Land Surveyor in accordance with the standards set forth by the American Land Title Association (A.L.T.A.) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (A.C.S.M.). Much like a typical Boundary Survey, an ALTA will depict the subject Property's Boundaries as they are defined by its Recorded Legal Description. However in addition to the typical information an ALTA/ACSM Survey will also outline the contents of the Property's Title Commitment, Easement Locations, Violations, Encroachments and normally some form of Vertical Data.
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When is an ALTA / ACSM Survey required?

An ALTA / ACSM Survey can be required for a variety of reasons. Once of the most common reasons to Order an ALTA Survey is for a Commercial Real Estate Transaction.
During a Commercial Real Estate Transaction it is important to conduct due diligence and ensure the Survey specific information of the subject property is detailed to the fullest extent possible. An ALTA Survey will not only satisfy the Lenders/Title Insurance requirements it will also detail and reference the Title Commitment and its Contents on the Survey document. In addition to the commitment information an ALTA Survey will also locate and detail all other recorded easements, violations, utilities and in most cases some form of Vertical Data for the subject property.
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How Much do ALTA / ACSM Surveys Cost?

Each ALTA / ACSM Survey must be Quoted individually.  An ALTA Survey is one of the most detailed Surveys a Land Surveyor can provide. ALTA Surveys take make much longer to conduct and are much more expensive than a typical Boundary Survey.
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How Long do ALTA / ACSM Survey Take to Conduct?

Each ALTA / ACSM Survey must be reviewed individually. There are numerous items to take into consideration in order to provide an accurate quote price and time frame. Property Size, Location and the Complexity of the Property's Legal Description or just a few of the items that are reviewed and taken into consideration in order to provide and accurate Quote.
It is best to contact our office for an Accurate Quote.
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Do I Need to Order an ALTA /ACSM Survey?

ALTA/ACSM Surveys are not legally required and are not always necessary. It's a good idea to check with your Title Company for their requirements. However even if it's not required to have an ALTA Survey you may choose to order one anyway.
Way out your options. If you want to insure that there are no surprises with the property you are purchasing than you may want to order the ALTA Survey for your own peace of mind. It is ultimately up to you (the purchaser).
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