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Frequently Asked Questions & Surveying & Mapping Procedures


What is the procedure for a Land Survey?

Once the Land Survey is Ordered and Payment is Secured, we will schedule the field portion of the Survey.
Our Field crew needs to be able to access the entire exterior of the Property; he does not have to go into the residence. 
It is not necessary to set an appointment to conduct the Field Portion of the Land Survey.
The only time an appointment is necessary is when there is an Access Issue ( Dogs, Locked Gates, etc ) 
Once all of the Property Data has been Collected in the Field, the Survey will be sent to Drafting.
There the Field Data will be Drafted by our CAD Professionals. 
Once Drafting is Complete the Survey enters the Final Accuracy and Quality review process.
Once it’s Complete the Final Survey will be emailed to you in a Signed and Sealed PDF Document.
The PDF version is a Licensed and Insured Legal Document. ( Raised Seal Paper Copies are available upon request )
All of our Land Surveys and Elevation Certificates are Electronically Signed and Sealed Pursuant to Section 472.027, of the Florida Statutes and Chapter 61G-17-7.00025 of the Florida Administration Code.
Our Surveys are Legal Documents Signed and Sealed Digitally. Raised Seal Copies should not be necessary, however Raised Seal Copies are available upon request.


What is the Procedure for an Elevation Certificate?

Here is the basic procedure for an Elevation Certificate:
Once the Elevation Certificate is Ordered and Payment is Secured, we will schedule the field portion of the EC.
Our crew will visit the property and use Surveying Instruments to determine your Elevation Data. 
They will need to access the entire exterior of the property for the Elevation Location Information and Photos. 
They do not need to enter the residence and No one has to be home as long as there are no Access Issues. ( ie dogs, locked gates, etc..)
Once the Field Portion is Complete we then decipher the Elevation Data and enter the computations onto the FEMA Flood Certificate Form.
The Elevation Certificate then goes through the Final review process and if there are no errors found it is released to the Client (you) via email.

All of our Land Surveys and Elevation Certificates are Electronically Signed and Sealed Pursuant to Section 472.027, of the Florida Statutes and Chapter 
61G-17-7.00025 of the Florida Administration Code.Our Surveys are Legal Documents Signed and Sealed Digitally. 

You can then print out the Finished Elevation Certificates and/or simply forward the email to an Insurance agent and/or Lender etc. as needed.


How long will it take to receive my report?

If you requested a Quote for our services you will be provided a turnaround time with your Quote details.
Each properties Time frame is calculated based on the size, location and complexity of the Survey being conducted.
Rush Service is also available, simply contact our office with your projects details for more information (888) 569-0480


What happens once I Approve my Order?

Once your Order is Approved and Payment is Secured, we being with the initial Clerical Research.
( Deeds, Parcel Information, Legal Description Breakdowns and Computations, etc...)
In addition to various documents needed for the Pre-Field Perpetration.
Once the processing is Complete your order will be sent through several departments before it is Complete
( ie.-Clerical / Field / Drafting / Review / Completion )


How Much is a Land Survey and/or and Elevation Certificate?

Elevation Certificate Cost:
Elevation Certificates range from $95 to $250+ depending on the Properties Location and Complexity. 
Properties in rural areas, islands and peninsulas are subject to additional charges due to their Locations, Accessibility and/or distance from Vertical Control Necessary to Complete the Elevation Survey

Land Survey Cost:
$275 is the Starting price for a Land Survey. 
There are several factors in quoting a Land Survey and obviously not all properties are the same size and complexity.
The prices are clearly detailed on our webpage under our "prices"page. Click here for a visual aid.
These are some of the factors involved when Quoting a Land Survey (but not limited to)
Complexity- Even if a property looks to be a simple rectangle the Legal description can be a Sectional Break out or a Metes and bounds description.
This adds a lot of Complexity to the Surveying process.
Size- Even with a Simple lot and block legal description if the property is large then we will require more field time to conduct the Survey.
Location- Some properties are quoted based of their location to Monumented Control lines and/or required Sectional tie-ins
Acceptability- This can also be a factor if there is a lot of debris, Trees and/or brush on the property. 

We are a Fully Licensed and Insured Florida Land Surveying Firm and strictly adhere to Florida Surveying and Mapping Laws and regulations.
This is why each property Must be Quoted individually to insure we Survey each Property Accurately.


Will my Property be Marked / Staked or Flagged?

Your Property "Corners" will be Marked at the time of the Land Survey.
The Markers that are usually placed during a Survey are (but not limited to) Pin Flags, Stakes, Painted Areas or a combination of them all, depending on the location of the Property Corner.  
The Markers that are placed during a Land Survey are used simply as a visual aid for the Client, they hold no computational value.
These Markers are easily disturbed by Landscapers, Children, neighbors, etc... however the Actual Property Corners remain in the ground as depicted on the Land Survey drawing.

Property "Line" Markers:

If you require the Property "LINES" to be marked as well, we would have to discuss the intervals and locations of the Markers.
Marking the Property "Lines" requires additional computations to insure the Markers are places accurately on the Lot Line. 
This is completely different then the Markers placed during a Land Survey.