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Forensic Mapping, Crime Scene Investigation

Accident Scene Location Data

Crime Scene Location Data.
Forensic Mapping and Crime Scene Location Details
We offer a broad range of services for Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Private Investigators and Insurance Companies.

Accident Scene Location Data

When an Automotive Accident occurs we use Surveying instruments to detail the Accident Scene.
This can entail the locations and details of skid marks to calculate the Vehicles approx speed and the locations of any debris surrounding the Accident Scene to use with collision diagrams and reports. In some instances we are simply hired to determine jurisdiction when an Accident straddles State or City Lines.

Burglary, Home Invasions and Homicides

There are Several ways our Mapping and location data can assist with investigations.
With the use of Surveying Instruments and mapping programs we are able to work with Forensic professionals and create a 3 dimensional environment based on Crime scene Logistics. This type of Surveying enables Law Enforcement Technicians to use these dimensions to Calculate the height and weight of an assailant if captured on a Security Camera. in addition to rendering a 3 d environment using Video Surveillance, our Detailed Measurements can also offer different perspectives as to how a crime was committed using exact locations and mathematical equations based on the crime scene conditions.



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