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Land Surveys

Boundary Surveys, Property Surveys & Mortgage Surveys

Although Land Surveys are often referred to as Boundary Surveys, Property Surveys and Mortgage Surveys they are basically one and the same. A Boundary Survey which is the most common terminology between Surveyors, consists of an Accurate depiction of the properties boundary as it's conveyed in its legal description.
Simply put, a Surveyor verifies your Deeded Legal Description with the Properties Current Field Conditions.
Surveyors do not just go and measure your house, on the contrary that part is one of the less important areas of a Land Survey.

The Legal description for your property details an Exact representation of your Properties Size and Location.
As Surveyors we Must determine if there are any Encroachments, Easement Violations and/ or Errors with the Subject Property. Some may say "My properties been here 30 years I can assure you it hasn't moved" that's not entirely true. Your Structure probably hasn't moved but your Boundary may have, in the field that is. Even if your Legal Description remains the Same the actual property corners that are suppose to depict that Legal in the Field may have been damaged, removed, replaced or just plain missing for a multitude of reasons.
A Surveyor can determine where they are suppose to be and find or reset them.
There are Numerous reasons to call a Surveyor to insure the accuracy of your Property, here are a few of the Most Common reasons:

Fence Installation - Even if there are visible Property Corners in the ground they may not be in the correct location.They may have been damaged by years of Landscaping or even intentionally moved by neighbors. Most Counties require a Survey for a Fence permit but its a good idea to verify your Properties location before building or replacing a fence even if your doing it without a Permit.

Real Estate Closings
-  This may be the Most Common reason for a Land Survey. Many States do not require you to Purchase a Land Survey prior to Closing a Real Estate transaction, however its a good idea to get a Survey anyway.

When Buying a Home or Property be sure to order a Land Survey by a Licensed Land Surveyor. This is a intricate part of buying a Home. A Land Survey will insure that you are aware of any encroachments and or easement violations on the property you are purchasing. In many instances you won’t be able to close a loan until a Land Survey is preformed.

When Selling your home providing a Realtor with a current Survey will most likely improve your chances for a hassle free transaction. A lot of the time buyers will make an offer contingent on a recent Land Survey.  Having a recent Land Survey depicting the accurate locations of the property boundaries may also help the Realtor with the presentation when showing the property.

Home Remodeling - When you are planing an addition to your Home, or just looking to add or replace your driveway. A Survey in Most cases will be required for you to gain the necessary Permits to begin or Complete your home based project. Surveyors can also help with decorative Landscape projects. Do you have an idea for a lavish garden or maybe you want to turn your backyard into a peaceful and serene getaway to relax. Talk to one of our Surveyors, we can work with you or your Landscape Architect and help make your dream a reality.

There are Several other reasons to Order a Land Survey, far too many to cover in a few short paragraphs.
Contact our Office to discuss your Situation and we will be happy to help you figure out what Service is right for you or If you already know what type of Land Survey or Service you need and just need a Quote please Click Here or Call (866) 776-3185 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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