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Survey Adds are the Absolute Best way to reach new Clients in your area of Business!
Nothing Beats Direct Marketing! Nothing!

As Land Surveyors and Mappers we provide Land Surveys for a Multitude of reasons.
Here are a few of the Most Common:

New Home Purchases:
Let New Home Owners know that your business is ready to serve them!

Home owners that are refinancing may be ready to install a pool, fence or may some remodeling around their home.

Let Home Owners and Individuals that are ready to begin a remodeling project know that your Company is the best for the Job!

Fence installation:
When its time to Install or replace a fence the Home Owner needs a Land Survey to pull permits. Let them know that your Firm is ready to serve them with a Survey Ad!

Driveway Installation:
Whether its a New Driveway or replacing an old one, a Survey is required for permitting. With a Survey Add the Home Owner has your Company information in hand with there Land Survey! Direct Marketing!



We service all 67 Counties in Florida, at this time we are offering our Direct Marketing in the Color Coded Regions depicted on the right.

The Regions Shown have Thousands of Residential Surveys preformed each year.

Each Advertising Page runs from January to January
12 Months and you can not have more than 2 Spaces for the same advertising. ( See Sample Survey Above)

Our Fee Schedule is as follows:

1 Spot (Business Card Size) in 1 Region = $550.00
2 Spots (Vertical or Horizontal) 1 Region = $900.00


Q: How many  Surveys do you conduct in my area.

A:  Our Monthly Volume varies slightly each Month in each Region. As Stated above we Service all 67 Counties and at this time we only offer our Survey Ads in our High Volume Areas. ( Shown in Color to the right )

Q: How do I get started?
A: Simply fill-out the Contact Form below and a representatives will Contact you to discuss your options.
You can also call us (888) 569-0480

Q: How many different Trades do you show on your Survey Ad?
A: We only show (1) of each Trade.
ie. If you own a Landscaping Company you will be the only Landscaping Company on the Ad in your Region.

Q: How long does the Ad run?
A: From January to January (12) Months

Q: Will you be adding more of your Service area?
A: Yes. A lot of the Counties not shown are Regions where we provide more Construction related Services than Residential Surveys. Regions will be added as our Volume increases.

Q: Can I purchase a 6 Month run time?
A:  No, the ads are only printed once a year.

Q: Do you provide Graphics Services or Logo Design?
A: Yes! If you do not have a Logo or business card design we can design one for you for a minimal charge.
Simply contact us for information (888) 569-0480.

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